6 Ways to Make Sure Your Dog Feels Appreciated and Part of the Family

The time where dogs were just used for hunting or pulling sleds or some other work activity is long gone. Today, dogs are our best friends, shoulders to cry on, exercise companions, and cuddle buddies. Dogs are part of our families and that is how it should be. If you are wondering how to make your dog feel more part of the family or more appreciated, keep reading. We have a few tips for you.

Spend as much time with them as you can. Any relationship needs time and work to flourish. Spend time with your dogs as often as you can. Whether it is watching television together, doing the dishes, or playing fetch, time spent is what they need.

Feed them the right food. A dog that eats the right food and gets all the necessary nutrients, is a happy and healthy dog. Good quality dog food ensures that your dog gets everything he needs. You can supplement dry food with canned food or even some human food options.

Train them from the beginning. Older dogs can also be trained, but it is much easier to train them from a young age. Enroll your puppy in obedience school so he or she can be socialized and trained properly. You should reinforce the training at home. Training is important for your dogs to know what is accepted and what not and where they are allowed and where not.

Playing is a must. Dogs are generally energetic and social animals. They like playing. Make time every day to play fetch, run around the yard, or play with other toys. As long as you play together.

Be careful about emotional outbursts. Dogs are very sensitive to emotions and atmospheres in your home. Try to avoid getting angry, yelling, throwing things, or anything like that. This may upset and scare your dogs.

Learn their body language. Dogs speak through their body language. One of the first things a dog owner needs to learn is how to read your dog’s body language. That way you will be able to pick up fast when something is wrong.

Throw in hugs, cuddles, and ear and tummy rubbing and you are well on your way to be the best dog owner in the world.

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