8 Steps for Introducing Your New Dog to Your Home and Establishing Who’s the Pack Leader

When you bring a new dog home, it is always exciting. However, the way you handle the first few moments in the new house can set the trend for the future. It is important that rules are set from the get-go for both the human family and the new addition to your family. If you take control from moment one, you will save yourself a lot of future problems. Follow the tips below to make sure you introduce your new dog to your home and family in the best way.

Don’t be overly excited when picking her up. You don’t want to show too much enthusiasm yet. The time for that will come. At the moment, you need to remain calm and ensure that everyone else does so too. You are taking her away from a place that is familiar and introducing her to a whole new world.

When you get home, take her for a long walk. The walk helps to calm her down and get rid of any excess energy that built up with all the change. It also helps her to get used to the smells and sights of the new neighborhood that she will be living in.

Introduce her to her new home. This is a very important step as it will determine her future behavior. If you can, tell her to sit or lie down in front of the door. You must go in first and she may only enter when you tell her to. Keep the leash on during this process.

Give her a tour of her new home. While keeping the leash on, walk through the house and allow her to wander around and sniff all the new things. Make sure that you always enter the room first and she may only follow when told. It is important to be consistent. Spend some time in each room and then move on. Allow her to explore the backyard, patio, etc. as well.

Keep stimulation to a minimum. Your dog is taking in a lot while going through this process. Try to keep eye contact, touching, and talking to a minimum. She might get overwhelmed and miss the point of all this. Use sounds and body language to communicate as far as possible.

Introduce the food area. Still keeping the leash on, take your dog to where she will be eating and where her water will be. Reward her with some water and a few bits of food.

Take her to her bed or sleeping area. When you get there, you can let her off the leash This tells her that the area is hers and she can feel safe there. This will tell her where her place in the house is. It is where she will rest and be out of the way when asked to do so.

Establish yourself as pack leader. It might be difficult, but it is still not the time for excitement and affection. You need to show that you are the pack leader by being calmly assertive for the rest of the day. The rest of the family should ignore her for a bit until she learns the rules.

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If you follow these steps, you are well on your way to training an obedient dog that will be a pleasure to have as part of your family.

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