Day Care for Doggy is the answer to all your problems! We offer comprehensive day care options for your beloved four-legged friend. Not only are all the cool people doing it, but doggy day care has many benefits for your dog. We offer a full-day schedule to keep your dog busy and happy while you are at work.

Day Care for Doggy is situated in Sacramento and is open 5 days a week from 6:30 to 17:00. The owners and staff are highly trained and knowledgeable about different dog breeds, exercise needs, nutrition needs, and socialization. They know which dogs need to be kept apart and which are fine to play. They arrange activities and rest areas according to this.

Day Care for Doggy has a full schedule every day that includes eating times, exercise times, play times, and rest times. All dogs are monitored at all times to prevent fights. Most dogs get along because we socialize and train them as part of our daily schedule, but some dogs are more stubborn than others.

Day Care for Doggy is an establishment where everyone loves dogs and choose to spend their whole day training, grooming, and playing with them.

If you are concerned that your dog is getting bored alone at home and maybe need some more stimulation, call us today. Day Care for Doggy will take good care of your furbaby.